Win your friends and business acquaintances over as you wine and dine them with grace and refinement. If you master the challenges of the table, you’ll most likely outdo the competition in other ways as well.

I believe that entertaining friends, family and clients with ease and style is one of the strongest relationship and marketing tools available today.

My classes will confirm what you already know, will dismiss what you thought you knew, while updating you with the newest trends in etiquette. They are a combination of friendly talks over lunch or dinner, coupled with coaching techniques. The courses are aimed at groups of friends, business people, couples, children, and adolescents.



Four (4) organic dishes prepared fresh for you.


Your choice: a restaurant, your home or company lounge, whichever is most comfortable for you and your group.





The difference between a formal and informal table (I’ll show you a trick so that you can tell at first glance what is going to be served).

The difference between the American system vs. the European, and how to properly use either one (both are equally accepted).

How to properly eat whatever is being served (bread, salad, main course and dessert).

The wines that pair with your dinner or lunch. We will also discuss the myth of red wine with meat and poultry and white wine with fish.

The difference between crystal and glass; and what glassware you should use and why.

The difference between dinner at home and at a restaurant. Learn about the rules for the different locations, and how to navigate either situation with confidence.

Questions and answers: I will dedicate 10 to 40 minutes before finalizing the meal to answer questions or concerns about etiquette.




Dine Like a Diplomat (formal business entertaining):

Learn how host and guest duties, American, Continental and Asian styles of eating, forms of service, taking your seat and napkin, world class do’s and don’ts, eating various foods, tipping, seating guidelines, and place setting maps.

How to Succeed in the International Arena:

Learn how to project a globally aware profile, choose appropriate business attire, learn the importance of rank and status, business customs and terminology, interaction intelligence, world-class handshakes, global communication styles and conversation skills, remembering names, gift giving, monochromic and polychromic time, high-and- low context cultures, strategic dos and don’ts. Also, master how to deliver dynamic seminars, and receive coaching in marketing, public relations, sales and negotiations, and presentation.



Home by Candy Lara is a coffee table book about style and functionality that was launched in the Fall of 2015. It is my guide for creating an elegant personal style that applies to everyday interactions and during special occasions. My goal is that by seeing and reading my personal examples and stories, you will gain inspiration for the décor of your personal space and how to infuse your personality and style into all social interactions.

Currently, I’m designing The Candy Lara home line of products, which includes: napkins, tablecloths, place mats and other special details for the home, which will have my personal touch and style.

I am also focused on spreading the message about the negative effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome with the support of my foundation, The Candy Lara Foundation.









She was born in the Dominican Republic and her parents gave her the name Candida, which means “immaculate”, although she is better known as Candy. Having lived in New York, Paris, Madrid, Milan and Hungary bestowed her with a wealth of experience and culture. She also had the opportunity to work at different agencies like: Karin Models, Isasi Management, Eau Vive, and Boys & Girls, located on these famous cities.

In 1995 she was crowned in the Miss Dominican Republic pageant and represented her country in the Miss Universe contest, in which she was a finalist. The following year, she won the title of the International Queen of Coffee in Colombia. She has been known as one of the most distinguished beauties the Dominican Republic has ever had.

Apart from her career in modeling, she studied Marketing and Consulting; however, in 1999 her most important life project was born: her daughter Mathilda. Candy views her as the source of all her motivation and inspiration.

Her travels around the world have allowed her to enrich her ability to observe and identify the most exquisite expressions of art, lifestyle and culture. The sum of these experiences inspired her to create The Etiquette Company in 2006. Many of the most renowned personalities of the social and business world of New York have been clients.

While alternating residence between NYC and DR, in 2011 she began to write her first book: HOME by Candy Lara. HOME was released in the fall of 2015, an informational guide to elegance from her personal style, which helps readers face a variety of social situations successfully.

She is currently designing her home line, which includes: napkins, tablecloths, place mats and other special details for the one, which will have her very special personal touch and taste. She is also spreading the message about the negative effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome with the support of her foundation, The Candy Lara Foundation.












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